Stone & Wood Pacific Ale Review

The beer putting Stone & Wood on the map (even though they have a whole range of admirable beers to choose from).

The Good: An instant classic, this beer is widely recognised as one of the best going around in the Australian craft beer scene for the last few years. Highly refreshing, suitable for the seasoned ale drinker or the beer novice alike. Best enjoyed with good food and good company.

The Bad: The only bad thing about this beer is the occasional inconsistency between batches. Rare, but have had one or two in the past that weren't quite to the normal (very high) standard. 

Enjoyment: Fantastic beer. Great for all occasions, extremely sessionable, complex hop character keeps it interesting. Highly recommended, setting the bench mark for Australian craft beer in my opinion.

Hello World

Well here it is, from a pipe dream several years ago to planning and executing what is now going to be our one stop shop for all beer related posts. Whether it is home brewing tips, beer and equipment reviews or just generally beer related cultural aspects that we wish to talk about, this will be the place for it.

So what does Suburban Brewing aim to do, you may be asking yourself as you read this post. Well the answer is that we have big dreams and big plans. Whilst we have created this blog, think of it merely as a launching pad for us to build a brand you will come to recognise (locally, nationally, heck even internationally!). This is the starting point for us to begin connecting with you all outside of our immediate group of friends (aka the Beer Connoisseurs, or so we call ourselves anyway). For this very reason we have a Facebook Page and Subreddit ready to start discussions and of course an Instagram to share with you some of the great beers and equipment that we start trying out and testing.

So as we embark on this first step please bare with us as we find our style, learn the ropes and give you all great content that you can consume at your leisure. Of course stay connected with us and engage in conversations as we build Suburban Brewing into a truly great business.