Rogue Honey Kölsch

The Good: This is quite a sweet beer for a German styled beer, I mean it becomes blatantly obvious from the first taste that it is a result of the honey that has been added to the brew. However despite that it is refreshingly smooth (I mean most German Ales are), it isn’t like a cider or a sour beer where the carbonation becomes so overpowering that it is difficult to drink.

The Bad: The sweetness for me is a factor, I typically don’t like sweet beers instead opting for stronger happier flavours and citrus type flavours. For me this isn’t something that I feel I could session, instead it would be more akin to a dessert beer or a beer that I want to have just one or two of before moving on.

Enjoyment: This is not a heavy beer, it sweet but it is not to the point where it is undrinkable. Overall I found this beer to be interesting, the beer was refreshing yet it didn’t really wow me. I mean I enjoy a German beer sure, I really enjoy drinking Steins at Munich Brauhaus and Hofbrauhaus, it is a beer I most often associate with good times and heavy heavy carb laden meals. But that being said I don’t think I could session this beer, it may be because whilst it has the sweetness, it is the only thing I focused on when drinking, I struggled to pick up any of the other flavours. In essence this beer will appeal to non beer drinkers most, it is something that is. good introduction and is not overly bitter that we could win a few more people onto our team.