The beer bros themselves, Paddy & Stu.

The beer bros themselves, Paddy & Stu.

Suburban Brewing was born from a shared love of home brewing great beer between two best mates, Paddy and Stu.

From the heady days of Uni life enjoying copious amounts of the standard lagers Melbourne has to offer as younger lads, we've grown to appreciate well crafted beer far beyond what we initially would have considered palatable.

Along the way, we made a few attempts to brew our own beers at home (initially with varying levels of success). Through experience, we now home brew whenever time permits, and consider a well crafted home brew just as valid as any commercially available beer on the market.

Suburban Brewing is focused primarily on sharing home brewing tips, successes and lessons we learn along the way. We also review many Victorian craft beers, as well as craft beers in general (both Australian and international), and beer culture in general. We kicked off our site with a blog discussing home brewing tips, beer styles, craft and commercial beer reviews, and much more. 

We have exciting things in the pipeline and would love for you to come along with us on this awesome journey.

Cheers everyone,
Paddy & Stu
Suburban Brewing