Venom Golden Ale Review

Sweet with just a hint of bitterness, this Venom Golden Ale is so refreshing that it puts Solo to shame in thirst quenching

The Good: Venom has a perfect recipe with this Golden Ale, it is not too bitter and it is not too sweet with subtle malt and yeasty flavours that make it a delight to drink when you are hot and sweaty and in need of an immediate thirst quenching.

The Bad: Bad is such a strong adjective to use, instead I will point out the noticeably disappointing thing from this beer: it’s scent. I really tried to pick up the hops and other aromas that you usually associate with a Golden Ale but really struggled on this front. It was there but it was just underwhelming with its presence.

Enjoyment: This beer was far too easy to drink, its sweetness is a huge plus for Venom as well, making it a good entry level drink for non beer drinkers to get behind (I am always an advocate for encouraging people to drink beer, legally of course!). I personally have had Venom before and I can earnestly say that it is a dependable beer to choose when you are out and about. Whether you are just going around to a friends house or heading for a night out, this is the drink you should be choosing.