Bodriggy Speccy Juice Session IPA Review

Bodriggy Brewing have produced one of the easiest drinking session beers in Speccy Juice that it ought to be outlawed!

The Good: I will be the first to admit that I love a good IPA, that collection of flavours that usually dance across your tastebuds is an amazing thing and always a welcomed delight at the end of a long day. Bodriggy Speccy Juice most certainly delivered on giving me a welcomed hit of goodness, hitting me with the usual hop flavours that you expect from a good IPA. What is great with this beer is that it is not an overwhelmingly powerful hit, it is the subtleness, providing you with a great scent of tropical and fresh scents (it reminds me of walking through a nursery after a cool morning, with the sun beaming down, the air is crisp and the scents that emerge are amazing). This is a very nice all rounder.

The Bad: Admittedly I struggled to find anything wrong with this beer. It hit all the right notes and was on point, however if I had to be picky then I would say that the carbonation of this beer was excessive. I know that is such an inconceivable concept to grasp but when you are drinking this beer the heavy carbonation can be a bit off-putting.

Enjoyment: This beer was unbelievably easy to drink, thus making it the perfect session beer and at 1.1 standard drinks it is perfection. With that mix of tropical and citrus flavours that you get hit with and an unbelievably great aroma it is an amazing concoction to drink. In fact I enjoyed this so much I downed it in practically record time, making it one of the hardest reviews to complete but almost making it one of my picks for 2019.