Suburban Brewing Spring Beer Review

The verdict is in on the Spring beer we brewed last month, and my fridge has been a team player.

Keg in fridge

Keg in fridge

Since the trusty Suburban Brewing beer fridge finally packed it in, all of the cold ones we enjoy here have to be jammed into my regular fridge (Pros and cons to this arrangement). Now I find myself stuck with a keg of beer and no shelves, I must say, maybe I don’t need that much fridge space after all.

While it is a bit of a pain, I’ve been more than wiling to accommodate Paddy’s insatiable thirst for fresh cold beer at the expense of things like “food” and “eating”.

This keg was lucky enough to be filled with the Spring beer we brewed last month (find out more here), and it must be said, it has a beautiful hop aroma that I’m quite pleased with.

The final product - Our take on a Spring beer

The final product - Our take on a Spring beer

As we forgot to both whirlpool our beer, and filter going into the fermenter (Ok for shame, fair enough), we’ll forgive you for thinking we might have brewed a NEIPA. This thing is CLOUDY! Ok, maybe not at NEIPA/orange juice levels, but if we had have done it properly, we’d have got a pretty clear brew by my estimates. Cold crashing helps in these situations, as does time in the fridge in general.

The Spring beer itself is easy drinking. This is a lower ABV (for a home brew), nice and bright ale that begs us to come back for more. Only a slight bitterness really, has definitely mellowed out a bit more than I anticipated now. Still such a pleasant aroma coming off the brew too, those Galaxy and Citra hops did the trick.

I’ve suggested to Paddy we brew this one straight away again, I think I can improve it in the following ways:

  • Give the bittering addition the full 60 mins

  • Add a little carapils to increase mouthfeel

  • Super charge the hops aromas through dry hopping

Normally we end our reviews with a few lines on how we enjoyed the beer we just tasted. While this isn’t strictly a review, I have to say not only will I be going back for more for some time yet (We kegged about 18-19 litres of it), I’ll be brewing it again to try and improve it. I do like how it has come out, but I know we can do better.

This brew was pleasing in many ways, not least of which was just getting the gear back out after a long cold winter. It will be a good one for the warm spring arvos to come, and I’ll certainly be sampling a few after working over the veggie patch on the weekend.

Only other thing I’ll mention is we got nice carbonation in the keg, not an area we have much experience in so pleased that it worked out. Soon enough we’ll track down another old fridge and return the garage to it’s former glory, until then, I guess my eating days are behind me!