Fixation IPA Review

The Good: It smells like a gloriously hopped beer and what an IPA should smell like and after a small sabbatical that Stu and I have taken this is exactly what was needed… An IPA that smelled like an IPA. For an IPA, Fixation did not disappoint, it was strong, very bitter and as the label stated it was quite balanced.

The Bad: I personally struggled to smell or taste any of the pine or citrus notes that was claimed on the label as the bitterness and intensity of the hops pretty much overpowered any other flavour that you could pick out of the beer.

Enjoyment: Despite my noticeable absence of the citrus and pine flavours I was expecting to taste I was still delighted by this beer. See for me a beer is more than just the some of its flavours, sure there is an expectation that you will be treated to a melting pot of flavours, but ultimately for a beer to be considered good (or great) then it needs to transport you to a better place (and no I am not talking about getting absolutely hammered). Fixation does this and then some, when I was enjoying this beer I immediately went from the humdrum of my day to day work to a time when Stu and I were literally sitting at the outdoor setting, Stu was smoking a brisket and we were treating ourselves to vast array of different beers. Now whilst I cannot remember what those beers were the flavour and bitterness of this Fixation IPA immediately transported me to that memory and for me personally a strong bitter IPA is a brilliant flavour to be had. Whilst this may not be for everyone I sincerely enjoyed the experience of this beer and ultimately I gotta say that Fixation Brewing Company nailed this one!