Game Day Follow Up with Cam & Chris

The heady celebrations have started to wind down on Swan st, and the Richmond faithful have finally come back down to earth. So I followed up with a couple of Richmond flogs to see how they pulled up.

Stu: Welcome gents, well done to your team on an absolute thrashing of the giants in the grand final. Thought I’d touch base with you after the piece I did on the grand final got you boys a bit prickly.

Cam: More like we’ll done to me, won that game off my own boot.

Stu: Sorry I’m not sure I follow?

Chris: Cam partied so hard he still thinks he actually played on the day.

Stu: I see. I notice you guys have the limited addition Carlton Draught cans with the Richmond theme.

Cam: Greatest beer I’ve ever had.

Stu: Carlton Draught is the greatest beer you’ve ever had?

Cam: It is when it comes in this can.

Stu: The can improves the beer?

Cam: I don’t give a shit about the beer. This is the best can ever made.

Stu: Remember those keg cans, they were pretty fun.

Chris: Remember that time I kicked your arse when you bad mouthed Richmond’s sweet can?

Stu: I’m just saying the keg can was ok. It’s all got Draught inside either way so it’s not the greatest beer ever.

Cam: Why do you hate Richmond so much?

Stu: Because they’re a pack of flogs, and their supporters aren’t much better. What’s that got to do with beer cans?

Chris: Well where’s the Hawthorn themed beer then?

Stu: What? Well there’s a whole brewery named after us. Well more after the suburb to be fair...

Cam: I hate the hawks. They’re always winning the flag.

Stu: You just won two out of three years!


Stu: I’m calling this interview off. You guys are drunk.

Cam: Well we haven’t stopped celebrating since the win.

Chris: I stopped briefly but then got a second wind.

Stu: Do you even remember the game?

Cam: Who cares we won!

Stu: This is a beer website. Can we at least get back to that? What was the beer you enjoyed most on the day?

Chris: These Richmond themed Carltons.

Stu: I don’t think they had these on the day?

Chris: Well I don’t care, that’s the beer I most enjoyed on the day.

Stu: You blokes are complete flogs, just like your shithouse football club.

Cam: I hate the hawks. They’re always winning the cup. It’s not fair.

Stu: Yeah you mentioned that mate.

Cam: Hey how good are these cans?

Stu: Jesus man. How many have you had.

Cam: I’ve never drank a beer in my life.

Chris: Yeah why do you hate Richmond so much Stu?

Stu: What a waste of time. Enjoy those Carltons boys, you Richmond flogs.

At this point I terminated the interview. However, the boys persuaded me to have one more... Melbourne has a funny way of sucking you into the footy world though, and the next day I woke up with a Dusty Martin haircut, a Bachar Houli beard, a six pack of Richmond themed Carlton Drafts sitting on the kitchen bench and one phrase on my mind...YELLOW AND BLACK!

*All views expressed in this article are those of Chris and Cam, they definitely participated in this interview.