Buying Beer Online: When To Make Your First Purchase

As we become ever more connected, the convenience of online liquor stores is rising, whether it is a traditional storefront or an app. The kicker is knowing when to use such a service.

It is no secret at Suburban Brewing that we go through A LOT of beers. We do this primarily so that we can introduce you all to a vast collection of different beers from around Australia and abroad. Through this never ending quest that we have embarked upon, the need to purchase via these online stores has become somewhat of a necessity. However, how this translates for you at home may be somewhat different, so allow me to break down the three main reasons why we at Suburban Brewing buy our beers online and when you should consider using such a service.


A rather obvious one but an important factor nonetheless, logging in online to order your beers and get them delivered is something that can save you a trip to the local bottle shop. It will save you time through driving there, finding a car park, browsing through an almost overwhelming selection of choices (depending on what your local bottle shop has in the way selection) and then standing and waiting to pay at the register. It is something that when combined, all adds up (and if you are anything like me when trying to make a choice while confronted with a wall of really good beer options to try). Then you are going to spend a bit of time contemplating your choice all the while feeling rather awkward at how much time you are spending at the fridges just looking at all the beers.

So with the ability to sit at home or anywhere with your phone in hand you can simply browse through a digital storefront and order the beers that you want, saving you the energy of actually going to the bottle shop as well as the awkwardness of standing for an extended period of time in front of the beer fridges (at the bottle shop). Even if this is not the case for you, the simple reality of ordering online may just be because you are pressed for time. For instance: imagine you are throwing a party and you really need to clean the house and do a whole bunch of other chores and you aren’t able to get out to the bottle shop, this is a perfect solution to your problem. Depending on the service that you are using, your beers could be delivered the same day so it is a win win option if you need beers and you need them the same day. Or you could just be being lazy.


Choice is the primary reason we at Suburban Brewing utilise these online stores and apps to buy our beers. There are times when we are looking to expand our range of reviews and trial obscure beers that we are unable to purchase at our local bottles shops, I mean Dan Murphy’s only stocks so many beers on their shelves. As our quest is to review and try as many different beers from as far and wide as possible it is a necessity to utilise these services to find them, often times a limited run of a particular beer may be available only from the brewery or smaller selected online retailers. So if you are like us and you do want to tantalise your tastebuds with a variety of different beers that you typically wouldn’t find on the shelves then this is the time to use such a service. Not to mention it is actually quite enjoyable to come across an expensive craft beer you have never seen from one of your favourite breweries and see it arrive safely at your door.

Inebriated (aka Drunk)

Finally there is situations where we have had one too many drinks and it is no longer safe to drive. Given the drink driving rules in Australia and the common courtesy of thinking of others on the road at the time there is no valid reason that you should ever get behind the wheel of a car if you have had a few too many beers. Thus with the rise of these beer and liquor apps and sites (some that even promote delivery to you within 30 minutes) is a very simple solution to continue enjoying your afternoon or evening with friends uninterrupted and more importantly safely.

So their it is, three reasons why you would buy beers online and when to make those purchases. Such reasoning may seem trivial, but it is something to keep in mind. As well as this the next few Sunday’s I will be providing reviews of sites and apps (in Australia) that you can use, from the perspective of user experience, range of products available, pricing comparison and ultimately if it is worth your time. With that I bid you a Happy Sunday, drink up and stay safe.